Specific topics for MACIS 2006 include (but are not limited to):

  • Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems
    Mathematical modeling and dynamics of complex systems; symbolic and numeric analysis of complex systems; stability, sensitivity, and complexity analysis; stochastic dynamic systems; physical systems; biological systems; modeling of space materials and environments; information processing in complex systems; statistical physics; computer simulation; computational techniques and tools
  • Symbolic and Numeric Computation
    Algebraic, symbolic, and symbolic-numeric methods for equation solving, linear and polynomial algebra, ODE/PDE, and dynamic systems; geometric computing, reasoning, and modeling; software design and implementation; applications in mathematics, statistics, system science, computer science, physical and biological sciences, engineering, economics, and finance
  • Algorithms and Complexity
    Algorithm design and implementation; symbolic and numeric algorithms; parallel and distributed algorithms; algebraic and geometric algorithms; analysis of algorithms; complexity theory; theoretical and practical complexity analysis; computability theory; automata theory